Commission a house portrait by international, award-winning artist

Barbara Bellin


Barbara Bellin’s commissioned house portraits include numerous embassies, museums, hotels, historic houses, farms, interiors, and restaurants.

Barbara has painted over 700 commissioned house portraits in 5 countries and in over 150 towns.

Bellin’s work has been exhibited in galleries from Nantucket to Palm Beach and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal., W Magazine, Palm Beach Daily News, Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror, and numerous other publications.

"Thanks Barbara, we love the Painting!

Vanessa W.

The drawing was a smashing success. Everyone at the reunion oohed and ahed over it and my sister kept repeating how much she loved it and has been talking about how she stops to look at the drawing and enjoy it every time she walks by it!

Mitzi Perdue

“ Barbara Bellin was able to bring Gracie Mansion to life with her beautiful painting of the historic house. No photograph or digital rendering would be able to do this nearly as successfully.”

Susan Danilow
Former Director of the Gracie Mansion Conservancy

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